Great points.

Another thing to consider is that the majority of public school teachers are women, many of us moms with young kids.

I hate sounding like a martyr, but I feel like I'm being squeezed on both sides. As a teacher, I'm trying to do what's best for my students as I put together remote learning materials for them. But I'm doing it while I'm also trying to help my own kids with their remote learning schedules.

Last spring, my daughter's teacher did less than one zoom call per week and it was optional. Meanwhile, I was tied up for hours each day on zoom calls with my own students. It didn't feel good to criticize my daughter's teacher for not being more present, because I know she also had young kids at home. But I was resentful for how I plopped my own kids on screens all day while I taught remotely, so that I could help them with their own remote work after my work day was done.

It's an icky situation and one that only other moms can truly understand.

Thanks for writing this. Your conclusion is exactly how I feel--there are no silver linings, just a slow, year-long trickle of disappointments.

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