This is what I’d call ‘Wisdom Adjacent’.

My friend Ryan loves two things: women and vegetables.

Once he said to me, “Ailsa Craig has the most beautiful shape you’ve ever seen.”

He looked at me like I was an idiot when he had to explain that Ailsa Craig was a…

Adventures with weird birds.

I was at this art gallery on Cape Cod and there were these huge black and white images of feathers. They were printed on this creamy-textured paper that you just wanted to rub between your fingers. I was very pregnant and the skin on my feet…

While also eating a sandwich.

To be fair, nobody told me I had to pump breast milk in the men’s bathroom.

Originally, the principal of my school (a man, of course) suggested that I use the nurse’s office as my pumping station when I came back to work after my…

Even the toughest helmet can’t protect you from everything.

If cities are made of blocks, suburbs are made of loops. The house I live in with my husband and our kids is at the end of a cul-de-sac that connects to a half-mile loop of pavement. …

This Is Us

Social distance means we can no longer create shared memories by smelling the world — and each other

What’s the worst smell you can think of? Skunk? Brussels sprouts? Sour milk?

For me, it was a mixture of Coca-Cola, coffee, Gatorade, and rotting bones. The smell was so pungent it clung to my hair and clothes for hours after the air had cleared. I was a student teacher…

How a human rights warrior disguised as a chicken turned my mom into a secret Democrat.

Some stories need exaggeration to make them interesting. This one doesn't. Every word is true.

The Human Babies

My friend Kelly and I were pregnant at the same time. Our babies grew to be soybean-sized, then avocado-sized…

Now that I have your attention.

We’ve all got boxes in the back of the closet, right?

At first, they’re full of stuff we’ll take care of in a few weeks. …

It turns out life as a geriatric millennial isn’t that bad after all. So far, anyway.

Today is Wednesday and it’s my 40th birthday.

Yesterday — Tuesday — was the last day of my 30s. When I took my daughter to soccer practice, no joke, I found a crisp twenty-dollar…

Or, how I spent a year trying not to say the number 69.

Seventh-grade boys have a special type of energy. It’s like they’re powered by nuclear skittles but they’re operating with a tiny t-rex brain. They are frustrating, adorable, delightful, and stressful. Also, they smell like body odor, acne medication, and Axe body spray. …

My failed social experiment taught me not to dabble in social experiments anymore.

When I was younger and braver, I left my job teaching at a regular public school to join forces with a few other rogue teachers and open a charter high school. We wanted to create a community-based school where students were valued for their individuality and creativity.

It is very…

Emily Kingsley

My 4 year old son asked me “would you rather be a nudist forever or never have existed at all?” Still working on my answer.

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