25 Things You Need To Throw Away Right Now

It’s like building an addition, only way cheaper.

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Am I the only one who feels like my house is shrinking? With everyone home all day every day, it seems like every surface, every drawer and every closet keeps getting smaller and smaller.

To fight the shrink, I’ve been spending part of every day culling the collection of stuff that we have accumulated over a decade of living in our house. Some things are tricky, like the framed watercolor paintings that my husband’s grandmother painted in the 1950s. Ugly, yes. Space for them, no. Get rid of them? Not sure.

But there are a lot of other things that will never be missed. I’ve been tossing them, donating them, recycling them and burning them and all that’s left in their wake is a feeling of space and calm.

It’s a little scary at first to get rid of something that might in some distant time and place have a purpose. But once you get started, it feels great.

So here’s the list. What are you waiting for?

25 Things You Won’t Regret Ditching:

  1. Any bottles or jars in your fridge that are less than one inch full.
  2. Any single socks in your drawers, your gym bag, the dryer or under your bed.
  3. Any scratched sunglasses, sunglasses with broken frames or sunglass cases.
  4. Cords and charging cables whose purpose you’ve long forgotten.
  5. Old magazines. Face it, they weren’t good the first time you read them. You’re not going to read them again.
  6. Pens, pencils and markers that suck to write with. Those dried out ball points that are hard to use or the pencils with the crappy erasers will never make you happy.
  7. Food containers that are missing lids, lids without containers or plastic containers that are stained, warped or dented.
  8. All of your sponges except for the ones that have been in service for 24 hours or less.
  9. Shower products that you haven’t used in more than a week.
  10. Free shit that you took even though you didn’t want it. Beer coozies, bottle openers, Mardi Gras beads, mugs. Next time, just say ‘No thanks!’
  11. Books that you’ve read and will never reread and books that you’ve never read and have no intention of reading.
  12. Keychains. Use ’em or ditch ’em. What is that future day when you think the only way for you to not lose your keys is to clip them on to a fifteen year old naked Troll doll?
  13. Empty Booze Bottles. Yes, they have pretty labels, shapes and colors, but it’s time to find other ways to remember your college partying days.
  14. Dead or mostly dead plants. If you cared about them, they would be alive. Do yourself a favor and stop pretending.
  15. Any plastic bowls, cups, or plates that are scratched or worn. Reheated leftovers are good, but they’re even better without chemicals leaching into them from that nasty gingham plaid bowl you bought at Target six years ago.
  16. Leftover party supplies. Nobody wants to have a ‘leftover’ themed birthday.
  17. Old gross pillows. Enough said.
  18. Partially finished projects that you have no interest in finishing. Yup, that’s you, half knitted sock and partially finished wire-wrapped earrings.
  19. Shitty scissors. If they don’t cut string or paper on the first try, they are not worth the space they take up in your drawer. Same for dull, cheap kitchen knives.
  20. Piles of papers. This is a big risk, but hear me out. I accumulate big piles of papers on my desk that I intend to go through later. A couple of years ago, I just started recycling the whole pile without even flipping through it. Guess what? I’ve never regretted it.
  21. Accessories that you no longer love. Cheap earrings, broken necklaces or ratty scarves just let you live in the illusion of the past. Time to move on, leather cuff bracelet from college.
  22. Media. DVDs, CDs, Broken ipods, even tapes. It’s time.
  23. Board games and puzzles that are missing pieces.
  24. Stuffed animals that are unloved.
  25. Those little tools that came with furniture you had to assemble yourself. Yes, it’s nice to have an allen wrench or a phillips head screwdriver, but one or two is plenty.

Here’s why now is the best time ever to purge yourself of these things. With all your new found empty space, it’s tempting to go shopping and buy all new stuff. But with everything closed, that’s just not an option right now.

So relax and enjoy your new empty spaces! Don’t you feel better now?

Big fan of good books, funny looking animals, and great stories. Always ready for the next big thing.

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